NAICS 621330: This industry comprises establishments of independent mental health practitioners (except physicians) primarily engaged in (1) the diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and/or (2) the diagnosis and treatment of individual or group social dysfunction brought about by such causes as mental illness, alcohol and substance abuse, physical and emotional trauma, or stress. These practitioners operate private or group practices in their own offices (e.g., centers, clinics) or in the facilities of others, such as hospitals or HMO medical centers.


  • Clinical Psychologists' Offices (e.g., Centers, Clinics)
  • Doctors Of Psychology Offices (e.g., Centers, Clinics)
  • Psychoanalysts' (except MDs Or DOs) Offices (e.g., Centers, Clinics)
  • Psychologists' Offices (e.g., Centers, Clinics), Clinical
  • Psychotherapists' (except MDs Or DOs) Offices (e.g., Centers, Clinics)
  • Social Workers' , Mental Health, Offices (e.g., Centers, Clinics)

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Readjustment Counseling Atlanta, GA Last updated 11 hours ago / Department of Veterans Affairs
Sources Sought
Due 1/23/18

9Page 1 ofThe Department of Veterans Affairs, Atlanta VA Medical Center, Atlanta, Georgia is seeking sources to provide off-site readjustment counseling services to eligible veterans referred by Vet Center staff members or professional staff members of Psychiatry, Social Work, Psychology, or Nursing... read more

School Psychological Services; 100% Small Business Set-aside Last updated 1 week ago / Department of the Interior
Due 1/17/18


Readjustment Counseling Services Albany Vet Center - Ulster County Last updated 1 week ago / Department of Veterans Affairs
Sources Sought
Due 1/18/18

This is a Sources Sought announcement only this is not a Request for Quote. The purpose of this notice is to conduct market research and obtain information from qualified vendors with capabilities to perform Readjustment Counseling Services to Vietnam Era Veterans and War Zone Veterans. This notice... read more