NAICS 113310: Vendors that win government contracts in this category are primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) cutting timber; (2) cutting and transporting timber; and (3) producing wood chips in the field.


  • Cutting And Transporting Timber
  • Cutting Timber
  • Log Harvesting
  • Logging
  • Pulpwood Logging Camps
  • Rails, Rough Wood, Manufacturing

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Due 8/8/18

This proposed procurement is unrestricted pursuant to Stewardship Authority. The solicitation and any resultant contract is a stewardship project. The objectives of the Mitchell Spring Stewardship project are: To improve and maintain desirable forested conditions such as growth rates, vigor, stoc... read more

Yorktown Naval Weapons Station Timber Sale Last updated 1 week ago / Department of the Navy
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Yorktown Naval Weapons Station Timber Sale84 acres read more

Swanson IRSC Last updated 2 weeks ago / Department of Agriculture
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The Swanson Stewardship project contains approximately 1,875 acres of commercial thinning in the area surrounding the Shaver Lake Community. This sale contains an estimated volume of 15,823 CCF (8,930 MBF) of sawtimber, of which 100 percent is located in units designed for tractor harvest. The sale... read more

Carrol Lakes Last updated 2 weeks ago / Department of Agriculture
Due 6/28/18

Project Description Description of Work - The purpose and need for this project are: Reduce the risk of high-intensity wildfires by restoring low-intensity fire to ponderosa pine, aspen, shrub and grass ecosystems within a Wildland Urban Interface project area, moving the vegetation closer to histor... read more