NAICS 921110: This industry comprises government establishments serving as offices of chief executives and their advisory committees and commissions. This industry includes offices of the president, governors, and mayors, in addition to executive advisory commissions.


  • Advisory Commissions, Executive Government
  • City And Town Managers' Offices
  • County Supervisors' And Executives' Offices
  • Executive Offices, Federal, State, And Local (e.g., Governor, Mayor, President)
  • Governors' Offices
  • Mayor's Offices

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Evanston, IL Office Space Last updated 3 weeks ago / General Services Administration
Due 4/6/17

GSA Public Buildings Service U.S. GOVERNMENTThe U.S. Government currently occupies office and related space in a building under a lease in Evanston, Illinois, that will be expiring. The Government is considering alternative space if economically advantageous. In making this determination, the Gov... read more