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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Reupholstery and Furniture Repair Last active 33 minutes ago

Furniture refinishing shops, Aircraft upholstery repair, Furniture reupholstering shops, Restoration and repair of antique furniture, Furniture repair... read more

Extension cords made from purchased insulated wire, Capacitors (except electronic), fixed and variable, manufacturing, Electric bells manufacturing, G... read more

Wheels (i.e., rims), automotive, truck, and bus, manufacturing, Oil filters, automotive, truck, and bus, manufacturing, Gas tanks assembled, automotiv... read more

Cable decoders manufacturing, Video camera (except household-type, television broadcast) manufacturing, Automobile antennas manufacturing, Pagers manu... read more

Addition, alteration and renovation general contractors, industrial warehouse, Laboratory construction, Institutional building construction general co... read more

Dumps, compost, Compost dumps, Waste (except sewage) treatment facilities, nonhazardous, Nonhazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities (except... read more

Light utility trucks assembling on chassis of own manufacture, Pick-up trucks, light duty, assembling on chassis of own manufacture, Cab and chassis,... read more

Pipeline inspection (i.e., visual) services, Patrolling (i.e., visual inspection) of electric transmission or gas lines, Meteorological services, Esta... read more

Construction management, water and sewage treatment plant, Sanitary sewer construction, Geothermal drilling, Water system storage tank and tower const... read more

Medical Laboratories Last active 1 hour ago

Testing laboratories, medical, Blood analysis laboratories, Parasitology health laboratories, Medical laboratories (except radiological, X-ray), Biolo... read more

Television Broadcasting Last active 37 minutes ago

Broadcasting networks, television, Network television broadcasting, Broadcasting stations, television, Television broadcasting networks, Television br... read more

Residential Remodelers Last active 1 hour ago

Fire and flood restoration, single-family housing, general contractors, Addition, alteration and renovation, residential building, for-sale builders,... read more

All Other Personal Services Last active 1 hour ago

Credit card notification services (i.e., lost or stolen card reporting), Social escort services, Consumer buying services, Discount buying services, i... read more

Machine Shops Last active 1 hour ago

Chemical milling job shops, Machine shops read more

Tent trailers (hard top and soft top) manufacturing, Utility trailers manufacturing, Boat transporter trailers, single-unit, manufacturing, Horse trai... read more