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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Addition, alteration and renovation general contractors, industrial warehouse, Laboratory construction, Institutional building construction general co... read more

Pipeline inspection (i.e., visual) services, Patrolling (i.e., visual inspection) of electric transmission or gas lines, Meteorological services, Esta... read more

Prefabricated wood buildings manufacturing, Sections, prefabricated wood building, manufacturing, Geodesic domes, prefabricated, wood, manufacturing,... read more

Office Administrative Services Last active 55 minutes ago

Motel management services (except complete operation of client's business), Office administration services, Office management services, Business manag... read more

Panels, prefabricated metal building, manufacturing, Silos, prefabricated metal, manufacturing, Sheds, (e.g., garden, storage, utility) prefabricated... read more

Other Waste Collection Last active 1 hour ago

Rubble hauling, local, Waste (except solid and hazardous) hauling, local, Brush hauling, local, Rubble removal services, Dump trucking of rubble or br... read more

Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing Last active 56 minutes ago

Hearse bodies manufacturing, Automobile wreckers assembling on purchased chassis, Heavy trucks assembling on purchased chassis, Boxes, truck (e.g., ca... read more

Inventory planning and control management consulting services, Physical distribution consulting services, Manufacturing management consulting services... read more

Saw repair and maintenance (except sawmills) without retailing new saws, Lawn and garden equipment repair and maintenance services without retailing n... read more

Security alarm systems sales combined with installation, repair, or monitoring services, Alarm system monitoring services, Alarm systems sales combine... read more

Ship Building and Repairing Last active 48 minutes ago

Submarine building, Oil and gas offshore floating platforms manufacturing, Ship scaling services done at a shipyard, Hydrofoil vessel building and rep... read more

Hydrology consulting services, Dairy herd consulting services, Safety consulting services, Radio consulting services, Nuclear energy consulting servic... read more

Hardware Manufacturing Last active 1 hour ago

Padlocks, metal, manufacturing, Furniture hardware, metal, manufacturing, Locks (except coin-operated, time locks), metal, manufacturing, Motor vehicl... read more

Bags, sleeping, manufacturing, Fiber, textile recovery from textile mill waste and rags, Appliqueing on textile products (except apparel), Mill mender... read more

Thermometers, filled system industrial process-type, manufacturing, Industrial process control instruments manufacturing, Mechanical measuring instrum... read more