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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Industrial Gas Manufacturing Last active 28 minutes ago

Fluorocarbon gases manufacturing, Acetylene manufacturing, Dry ice (i.e., solid carbon dioxide) manufacturing, Monochlorodifluoromethane manufacturing... read more

Engineering Services Last active 53 minutes ago

Engineering consulting services, Combustion engineering consulting services, Industrial engineering services, Chemical engineering services, Acoustica... read more

Addition, alteration and renovation general contractors, industrial warehouse, Laboratory construction, Institutional building construction general co... read more

Outboard motors merchant wholesalers, Gocarts merchant wholesalers, Athletic goods (except apparel, footwear, nonspecialty) merchant wholesalers, Fire... read more

Transaxles, automotive, truck, and bus, manufacturing, Assembly line rebuilding of automotive, truck, and bus transmissions, Constant velocity joints,... read more

Electronic Connector Manufacturing Last active 41 minutes ago

Connectors, electronic (e.g., coaxial, cylindrical, printed circuit, rack and panel), manufacturing, Coaxial connectors manufacturing, Fiber optic con... read more

Surgical knife blades and handles manufacturing, Speculums manufacturing, Saws, surgical, manufacturing, Retractors, medical, manufacturing, Blood tra... read more

Administrative management consulting services, General management consulting services, Business start-up consulting services, Site location consulting... read more

Site Preparation Contractors Last active 58 minutes ago

Excavating, earthmoving, or land clearing contractors, Underground tank (except hazardous material) removal, Foundation drilling contractors, Bulldoze... read more

Farm machinery and equipment repair and maintenance services, Industrial truck (e.g., forklifts) repair and maintenance services, Construction machine... read more

Thermometers, filled system industrial process-type, manufacturing, Industrial process control instruments manufacturing, Mechanical measuring instrum... read more

Public Relations Agencies Last active 41 minutes ago

Lobbying services, Lobbyists' offices, Public relations services, Public relations agencies, Political consulting services, Public relations consultin... read more

Flat Glass Manufacturing Last active 41 minutes ago

Stained glass and stained glass products made in glass making plants, Laminated glass made in glass making plants, Flat glass (e.g., float, plate) man... read more

Computer Systems Design Services Last active 43 minutes ago

Office automation computer systems integration design services, Network systems integration design services, computer, CAD (computer-aided design) sys... read more

Solid Waste Collection Last active 1 hour ago

Garbage collection services, Waste hauling, local, nonhazardous solid, Garbage hauling, local, Trash hauling, local, Ash collection services, Waste co... read more