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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Electric Power Distribution Last active 1 hour ago

Electric power distribution systems, Electric power brokers, Distribution of electric power read more

New Car Dealers Last active 1 hour ago

Automobile dealers, new only or new and used, New car dealers, Light utility truck dealers, new only or new and used read more

Trucking, general freight, long-distance, truckload (TL), Motor freight carrier, general, long-distance, truckload (TL), Bulk mail truck transportatio... read more

Other Spectator Sports Last active 2 hours ago

Tennis professionals, independent (i.e., participating in sports events), Figure skaters, independent, Training racehorses, Sports trainers, independe... read more

Hooks, metal screw, manufacturing, Cotter pins, metal, manufacturing, Toggle bolts, metal, manufacturing, Bolts, metal, manufacturing, Dowel pins, met... read more

Portfolio Management Last active 3 hours ago

Managing mutual funds, Managing trusts, Personal investments trusts, managing, Managing investment funds, Managing personal investment trusts, Portfol... read more

Industrial Valve Manufacturing Last active 3 hours ago

Check valves, industrial-type, manufacturing, Angle valves, industrial-type, manufacturing, Valves, industrial-type (e.g., check, gate, globe, relief,... read more

Cable decoders manufacturing, Video camera (except household-type, television broadcast) manufacturing, Automobile antennas manufacturing, Pagers manu... read more

Pressure controllers, air-conditioning system-type, manufacturing, Clothes dryer controls, including dryness controls, manufacturing, Pneumatic relays... read more

Hardware Manufacturing Last active 4 hours ago

Padlocks, metal, manufacturing, Furniture hardware, metal, manufacturing, Locks (except coin-operated, time locks), metal, manufacturing, Motor vehicl... read more

Aircraft propellers and parts manufacturing, Aircraft brakes manufacturing, Aircraft assemblies, subassemblies, and parts (except engines) manufacturi... read more

Wall covering or removal contractors, Electrostatic painting, on site, contractors, House painting, Engineering structure (e.g., oil storage tank, wat... read more

Footwear Merchant Wholesalers Last active 5 hours ago

Footwear merchant wholesalers, Boots (e.g., hiking, western, work) merchant wholesalers, Leather cut stock for shoe and boot merchant wholesalers, Sho... read more

Valves, inline plumbing and heating (e.g., cutoffs, stop), manufacturing, Hose couplings, metal (except fluid power), manufacturing, Plumbing and heat... read more

Compasses, portable magnetic-type, manufacturing, Radioactivity detection, identification, and computation (RADIAC) equipment manufacturing, Detectors... read more