GovTribe was founded by three former government contractors with over a decade of experience each in procurement, government contract management, and government industry-focused technology. We founded GovTribe to create a platform that we wish existed when we were pursuing government contracts.


Nate Nash CEO

Nate is an innovative technologist who specializes in building commercial products for people who are otherwise drowning in a sea of government data. He is responsible for business strategy, enterprise outreach, mobile product design/development, in-app predictive analytics, and custodial services. Nate loves data, mobile app development, and bacon. He also talks about CrossFit more than his co-founders would prefer.



Marc Vogtman CFO

Marc is an expert in data-driven research and analysis, government contracting data mining, and general market analysis. He is responsible for business and growth strategy, budgeting and financial reporting, business and legal operations, marketing and customer outreach, and supporting app development and data quality management. Marc is a fan of science-fiction, skiing, and data transparency. He also eats Peanut Butter Puffins at his desk, to Nate's dismay.



Jay Hariani CTO

Jay is GovTribe's resident data mining and productivity software specialist, taking dirty government data from all over the internet and making it less-so. He is responsible for data acquisition, data normalization and integration, web application design, and general leadership on all things information technology. Jay loves short-legged dogs, spicy cashews, and hip DC neighborhoods.



GovTribe is fortunate to have experienced directors and advisers who believe in our mission to disrupt and modernize the government contracting industry. In addition to the three founders, the following gents help GovTribe succeed.


Kim Cooke

Kim is the founder and managing director of Cooke, LLC, a private equity and debt provider to nascent and expansion stage technology companies. An experienced investor and board member, he has provided many fast growing, disruptive technology companies (including several in the government sector) with guidance and oversight over the past two decades. Kim was also the founder and chairman of Blue Water Capital.


Kevin Corcoran

Kevin is a Principal at Deloitte Consulting who delivers strategy and technology solutions for public sector and commercial clients. He has extensive experience leading management consulting teams across the national security sector, financial services, and in emerging markets. He drives growth through strategy development and execution to effectively advance sustainable value for clients. Kevin brings industry expertise and technical know-how as a key advisor and mentor to the team.