Customer Testimonials

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Easy to use!

[Govtribe] is clean, well organized and incredibly easy to use. I have sent several colleagues to your service and I will admit a little hesitation is sending it along to anyone who could be a competitor – GovTribe gives me a competitive advantage that I sometimes don’t want anyone else to know about.

Joanne M. Frederick – President and CEO, Market Strategies Inc.


Through one of my Alerts, I was sent notification from GovTribe that an RFI ... came out from USPS, right up our ally. Our Civilian Rep knew nothing about it. Thanks to GovTribe we are now submitting our very competitive RFI.

Kevin K. Lemmon - Federal Technical Business Development Director, Securonix

Changing our business!

GovTribe has made it easier and faster for my business to run our sales process. We got instant value from real-time collaboration, extremely simple pipeline management, deep-dive market research that used to take me hours with spreadsheets, and alerts from FBO almost instantly. GovTribe is changing the way we do business.

Chris Bobbitt – Vice President, Technical Assent

Better than the competition!

GovTribe provides a large, interactive, and intelligent view of federal business development information that greatly surpasses in quality other federal government contract search engines.

Seth Wade - VP Business Development, True IA