Your laptop looks tired. Get the world of government contracting on your iPad. 


Staying on top of the competitive world of federal contracting is hard. Too much information in too many places makes for a frustrating and overwhelming experience. Clunky and expensive tools keep you chained to your inbox or constantly refreshing websites. Not anymore. 

GovTribe for iPad keeps you up to date, no matter where you go. Stay in the loop on new opportunities. Dive deeper into market trends. Track your favorite COs. Keep an eye on your competitors. Leave email for the amateurs.


Lighting fast notifications

GovTribe hits you with the latest updates in near real time. Why should you wait any longer?

5 bucks a month

Free to download with free one month subscription. Download, track, and win. No corporate approval required.

Intuitive design

Seriously. It's not the 1980s anymore. The tools you use shouldn't look like Tron



Find and track opportunities

Track an opportunity and get instantly notified when amendments are posted, awards are made, and protests

Instantly download project files and add important dates to your calendar. Email your team and stop worrying about being on the distro.

Keep tabs on categories

See who the top buyers and vendors are for the stuff you sell. Get notified as new projects are posted and new players enter the market.



Keep an eye on the competition

One day they're a partner. The next, they're the competition. Either way, GovTribe tells you what they win, the minute they win it.

See award value trends as well as top agencies for over 50,000 vendors.

Track your favorite CO

GovTribe gives you the contact information for every active CO in the federal government. Surely you know one of them.

Track their activity and see what they buy and who they buy it from. 


No iPad? No problem. Check out GovTribe for iPhone and our Custom Reports